Welcome to Yeero-Yeero

Welcome, or as we say, kalosorizo! Imagine the mingling of smells as you enter our warm and inviting dining room. Moussaka, stuffed Cabbage Rolls, and Grilled Eggplant mixed with the smell of robust Greek Coffee and Ouzo. Yeero!!! Yeero!!! offers its customers a unique dining experience that has often been compared to vacationing in the Greek Iles.

What To Expect

Olive Oil in a Bottle — Greek Cuisine in Shreveport, LA
When you enter the dining area at Yeero!!! Yeero!!!, deliciously inviting aromas will prepare you for a gastric feast your palate will not soon forget. Epicurean delights such as our Dolmades Combo, a dish of grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, or Pastichio, a succulent dish combining Greek tubular pasta and ground beef, will surely tempt your palate. Complete your feast with that flakey delight, Baklava, for dessert.

Tasty Meals

For 10 years, this Greek-owned establishment has been a staple for Shreveport residents. Are you tired of the same ol' same? Trying to make the choice between Mexican or pasta, drive-thru burgers or a bland microwave meal? If your time is limited and you just can't join us in our cozy dining room, why not take advantage of our convenient Drive-Thru? We offer generous hours, and you can call ahead and then zip through to pick up a home-cooked meal. Since all our dishes are made to order, we only ask that you give us 15 minutes for preparation time.
Our chefs pay great attention to detail in the creation of each dish, ensuring you that your first trip to Yeero!!! Yeero!!! will not be your last. Yasou! Opa!